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Client Testimonials-



"These work! Do it! Great quick service. Very personable. Love!"


"Dezerrae is fabulous! She helped me so much as a first time mom, when I had a newborn and was trying to cope with postpartum depression. She's incredibly kind, and is a wealth of knowledge about all things baby-related. Love her! "


"Dezerrae was extremely helpful with everything, when it was being attentive to my needs or being a coach for my partner and I. She is very kind and great to talk to, I know in the future when I have baby2 I will ask for her. Thank you Dezerrae! "


"Absolutely amazing. Dezerrae was very prompt in answering my search for an encapsulator and gave me so much information about the process. She was very flexible about payments and picked up my placenta the same day. I had no idea she lived so far from me. When I recieved my capsules, i was blown away by how beautiful it was packaged. I also was not expecting to have a piece of the cord sent back with it. I was very emotional when I saw how much care went into my encapsulation. If we have another child, Dezerrea will be my first choice to encapsulate for us again."




"She is awesome! Highly recommended and my placenta helped me so much post delivery!! "


"Absolutely love it . This was my 3rd child and with my previous child I had major depression issues . So I decided to try encapsulating my placenta . Waited 1 month to take them and I immediately saw the difference. Best Decision Ever and totally worth it . Thank you Dezerrae Sanchez Houk. "


"Dezerrae did this for me..she is amazing and super fast turn around..thanks again girl. "


"Just had mine done with dezerrae and I am extremely happy. I had a hospital birth and just told them ahead of time I was saving my placenta. I gave birth on Monday and she had my pills back to me by Wednesday afternoon. I am extremely happy with her services and so glad I had the chance to do this!. "

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"Amazing!!! Dezerrae picked up my placenta and encapsulated before I even left the hospital after my cesarean!! She is awesome!!!! "


"Dezerrae was super on point and professional. She made things very easy adn convenient, explained everything thoroughly and delivered more than I expected! I'm very grateful and would highly recommend her service to anone. "

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