What Will Never Happen to Your Placenta

Placenta encapsulation. Chances are you know someone who has done it, heard of someone's friend who's done it, seen a Kardashian talk about it, or have done it yourself. You've heard of the potential benefits. It can possibly boost your milk supply, reduce the effects of baby blues, give you extra energy, reduce postpartum bleeding, achieve world peace, etc. We talk a lot about the positives that can come from encapsulating your placenta, but not many people talk about the negatives.

An improperly handled, stored, or prepared placenta is scary. Terrifying. It can give you food poisoning, make you really sick, cause vomiting, diarrhea, and a whole other slew of unpleasant things no one should experience after just having a baby. I've covered a few important things to ask when looking for a placenta specialist. Now I'm going to cover a list of things that will never happen to your placenta when being processed with Oh, Darling Birth Services. Because seriously, ain't nobody got time for scary placenta handling.

1. Your placenta will never be handled with gloveless hands, by someone other than an ODBS specialist, or by a spectator. Really. I would hope this would go without saying, but it seems it has to be put out there.

2. Your placenta will never be put on to display, be featured in a selfie, be apart of a placenta run with other women's placentas, hang out in the car with my lunch (ew) or any where else but from the cooler, to processing, and back to you. I can't trust the Tupperware given by the hospital because they leak. They aren't meant to hold in blood spills, maintain a cool temperature, or be a safe barrier between itself and the outside environment. Each client receives a NEW cooler that will be filled with ice for transport and disposed of after each use.

3. You placenta will never be in the presence of another placenta. Two placentas are never processed on the same day, at the same time, during the same appointment, during the same anything. Ever. There is no room for error. You only have one placenta. You deserve for it to be safely processed, under properly sanitized conditions.

4. Your placenta will never be processed with equipment that hasn't been properly sanitized. We live in an age where the population is striving for environmental safety. I can understand this. We like our essential oils, our green cleaners, our Method soaps, our vinegar and sunlight. These are all perfect if we want to use them for our personal use. However, for placenta sanititation sake they will never be used. Bleach. bleach. BLEACH. ALL THE BLEACH. Really. Bleach will always be used in appropriate ratios under proper temperatures, for adequate cleaning


5. Just to summarize: Your placenta will never be in bare hands, on a bare counter, on an unbleached surface, in unbleached equipment, near my lunch, nor my dinner, riding shotgun out of a cooler, in a boat, or with a goat...Well you get what I'm saying.

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