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Super EASY & Tasty Homemade Ice Cream

What's your favorite ice cream?

Mine is chocolate....

but then again

I'd like to try them all

Sorry. Is that song stuck in your head? Mine too.

But really. What is your favorite?! My absolute, to die for flavor is from Baskin Robbins. More specifically, one scoop of rocky road and one scoop of chocolate chip. Yup. I'm an ice cream rebel.

Are your kids bored to death already with summer break?

Are you hiding inside because it's a billion degrees out? (Thanks Arizona) Beat the heat with a tasty treat. Make your own ice cream at home with just a few ingredients using this super easy recipe. I'll even tell you my special secret that we use when making the ice cream.

What you need:

1/2 half and half or milk

1 tbs vanilla

~1 tbs sugar

2 gallon size Ziploc bags

1 large Tupperware (my secret tool)

2-3 cups of ice

1/4 cup of salt- some recipes say use rock salt, but to be honest, I've never had an issue using regular ol' salt

What you do:

Combine the half and half/milk, vanilla, and sugar together in one Ziploc bag and seal it. Put the ice and salt in the second bag. Don't seal it. Put the first bag into the second bag. THEN seal the second bag. Now put that into a large Tupperware and put the lid on it. (My own secret).

Now shake the hell out of the Tupperware for about 10 minutes.

Using a Tupperware will save your hands from freezing to death.

If you don't have a Tupperware with a lid you can skip it and use mittens or socks on your hand and just smoosh the bag around for 10 to 15 minutes. OR you can just be a maverick and skip the hand protection. It's really up to you.

When your mix becomes more solid like ice cream, open the bag and enjoy!

If you want to get fancy with it you can add a little syrup or crushed candy pieces to get a flavor other than vanilla.

My daughter enjoys strawberry syrup in hers.

Riley is in pure ice cream heaven

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