Keeping Kids Safe When It's Hot as *&%^

It's that time of year where I play the, no you go the store, no you go to the store, game with my husband. It's time to stay inside until at least 7 pm. It's take like 3 showers a day to avoid feeling like a hot sweaty blob all day. Summer in Arizona.

I wanted to share some common and not so common tips for staying safe with the little ones this summer.

1. Cover those car seats

If you're bold enough to venture out in the day with your kids, try to remember and cover their car seats. The buckles sitting in the car all day become like a branding iron. Even if we park in the shade it's still hot as a you know what. A thick towel, a blanket, a sun shade, anything to help keep their car seats cool will help. If you want to get fancy you can order a car seat cooler. It's a big ice pack that you freeze and you can place on your car seat to keep it cool while your car is parked. *It is not to be used while your child is in the car* One time I sat on a quarter left on my seat while wearing shorts in July. Let's just say I had an eagle branded on my thigh for a month. OUCH.

2. Water Safety

Jumping in nice cool water is basically the best when it's 114 outside. Don't forget the water safety. Always keep an eye on your novice swimmers. Whether you're going to Sunsplash, your own pool, Canyon Lake, or Slide Rock. Puddle Jumpers are a great option for the little ones. Life jackets come in all different sizes for the young and older kids, especially if you'll be spending your day out at the lake!


Because we live in a life sized oven, everything is hot. The sidewalk, the road, the water hose water, kiddie pools, etc. Remind your kids that shoes are a must! It doesn't take long to go out barefoot for your feet to burn and blister. The water in the hose is sitting outside boiling. As soon as you turn it on that hot water shoots out and can cause serious burns. Just recently a mother from San Tan Valley had to have her child treated for serious burns from their water hose. I'd hate for a little one to turn on the sprinkler and accidentally get burned.

4. Protect Your Skin From Sunburns

SUNSCREEN!!! It seems tedious to take the time and lather yourself and the kids up in a sunscreen every day, but the UV rays in Arizona can be pretty harsh. You can view the UV index daily and hourly at Accuweather online, even on your phone. A moderate rating of 3 requires basic sun protection. During the average high the UV index hovers around 8 or 9 which is VERY HIGH. Grab some SPF 30+ or above and stay protected. You can browse consumer reports to compare different sunscreens to find one right for you.

5. Stay Hydrated

Drinking water can sound pretty boring to some kids. It is super important to stay hydrated especially during Arizona's summers. Kids need to drink about 3 oz of water per lb throughout the day. Sipping water may get old, so you can make it fun. Infuse fruits into your waters. Make your own popsicles. My kids are suckers for their own water bottles. My kids have about 8 water bottles that they stash around and sip on all day. Because apparently water taste better out of a Minion water bottle. A lot of fruits like watermelon and oranges can help to keep kids hydrated as well. Because YUM!

5. Check your back seat. Make sure your child is not left in the car

Last but not least, always check your back seats. Even when it is 85 to 90 degrees, the temperate in the car can be 123 or higher. It does not take long for a child accidentally forgotten in their car seat to succumb to the heat. Once the child's temperature reaches 104 degrees heatstroke sets in. When the child's body temperature reaches 108 degrees, the body shuts down and irreparable damage is done.

I know almost no one intends to forget their child in the car, but it can happen. So please take any precautions necessary to triple check during the summer. Eleven children have already died this year from vehicular heatstroke. Let's not let that number keep climbing. Put your shoes in the back seat. Put your purse in the back seat. Your phone. Find something that will jog your memory to check the back seat. Especially when your routine has changed. Change of routine and parents running on autopilot raises the chances of a child being forgotten in the car. You can find more facts about vehicular heatstroke at

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