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Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I've been good all year. I'd like some cool toys and games.

It's generally how all of our kids' lists start right? As time goes by, and as the pieces of toys get lost, pile up in closets, and get eaten by the dogs I start to regret going so crazy over perfecting the Christmas lists. Did I really need to go to 3 stores to find the right barbie with the perfect accessories? Sure it made my daughter incredibly happy...until she lost all of the pieces....and I slowly stepped on each teeny piece while barefoot.

I started wondering what would be the perfect present for my kids. What would make their eyes light up? What would create amazing memories? What will be a gift that my dogs can't eat??

That is when I realized that memories are worth the weight of a million Littlest Pet Shops as well as a million Minecraft Blind Boxes.

When you're feeling overwhelmed with gifts and trying to find each item off your kids' lists, take a break, pack up the jackets, and get out of the house. Go take a day trip up north to see the snow. Plan a weekend to go to the Polar Express in Williams or maybe the North Pole Experience in Flagstaff. Don't feel like driving far? Check out Scottsdale rendition of the Polar Express.

Go drive through Queen Creek's Loop of Lights. Go see Glendale glitters.

Head over to Zoo lights at the Phoenix Zoo! Go to a local polar fest. They're every where! Have hot chocolate with Santa's Wonderland at Bass Pro Shop in Mesa. Engrain the magic of the holidays in their little minds. In ten years they probably won't remember that they lost all their legos in 3 days. They will remember being wrapped in your arms in the snow watching the Christmas lights.

This year I'm ALMOST tempted to just buy the kids dog food because that's what happens to most of their toys that they leave downstairs, and checking out all the winter things we can!

Whatever you decide to do, just make sure to have a

Merry Christmas!

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