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One love, One heart.


Adam and Marco, married April 2015

Today is a monumental day in history. All couples, all over the country regardless of what gender combination are allowed to marry. Stand up and cheer with me. A handful of states across the country, including Arizona just last year, legalized gay marriage in the past few years. I have been priviledged to see friends' dreams come true this past year. Their marriages were rays of hope to all those couples patiently waiting for their state to follow suit. No more waiting my friends!

Here at Oh, Darling Birth Services we support all love. We believe in happiness in a healthy and loving relationship or marriage. We have no categories for our clients to fall into. We do accept and assist clients from all walks of life. Just like we support all births whether you want a medicated birth, unmedicated birth, water birth, homebirth, cesarean birth, or anything else in between. We support moms and dads, moms and moms, dads and dads, and any other person bringing new life earth side.


My husband and me. Married July 2011

I'm here to be your doula, your support person, your right hand, your safe place. Thank you friends for sharing your stories, standing strong by your convictions, staying brave in the face of adversity, and sharing your love with the world. Your love matters. Your birth matters. Your happiness matters. We all share one love.

Adam and Marco

Keli and Kimmie married November 2014 and expecting a beautiful baby

Thank you to my wonderful friends for sharing your precious photos with me.

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