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#freethenipple has been all over my news feed lately. Women across the world want to elimate societies misconceptions about womens' breasts. Women are fighting against the double standard of censorship between men and women and for the equal right to go out in public bare chested without the legal and shameful ramifications just like men can.

While reading about the protests taking place all over the world I can't help but to think, there are no protestors rocking double D's. No, really. As an ample chested woman the last thing I want to do is free these ladies, they need all the support they can get! I don't want to suffer any potential injuries or accidentally knock over an unsuspecting bystanders. I have to keep the girls contained. On a more serious note though #freethenipple mirrors the quest for women to breastfeed in public without covering if they so choose.

As a doula I come in contact with first time mothers who are on the fence, "Do I cover?" "Am I being indecent?" "Is this illegal?" As a former breastfeeder I understand that initial apprehension when in public trying calm a hungry babe all while juggling a nursing cover. After a few attempts I found it was easier to breastfeed coverless in all my freed nipple glory. After I realized there are hundreds of thousands of women out there who proudly breastfeed uncovered I felt more supported to take the plunge and toss out that cover. Especially in Arizona's summer having my body heat, baby's body heat, and then that cover. Phew! Talk about a sauna.

Are you on the fence, feeling uncomfortable, unsure, or almost ready to breastfeed without a cover? Remember there are thousands of people supporting your right to choose whether you breastfeed covered or uncovered. If you're worried about potential legal issues that may arrise when trying to breastfeed in public, check out La Leche Leagues's great website for Arizona's laws on breastfeeding, which do state that breastfeeding in public is perfectly legal. Not local to Arizona? Find a local La Leche League chapter near you.


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